Shuffle always play 2 musics with same name in a row. Sansa Fuze 8GB

Description: If having two songs with same file name, when shuffle activated, it will always play one after the other.

Like Four sticks from one album and then four sticks from a different album

Thank you from alanis and then thank you from led zeppelin in a row.

Model: Sasan Fuse 8GB Black

Firmware: V02.02.26A

Ocurrence: 100% of the time that the shuffles falls into a song that there is a second one with the same name, it will play the second one after the first is done.

 PS:I received my Sansa today and the first thing I did, even before putting any song in it, was to upgrade the firmware, so I don’t know if the problem also  happened in the old firmware also.

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