Showing SD as internal meory and vice versal

My Sansa Media Converter 4.22 showing the 2GB Kingston SD card as the internal  memory and vice versa. Is there a way to fix it because this is too comfusing for my sister.

I am also having problem with picture and video.  If i use the MSC mode, the software converter will convert everything to avi and jpg which can’t be played by my E250 player. If i use the MTP mode the software will convert them into .bmp and  .mov files which are played fine but but then i can’t access my sd card.

So, help me!

You can’t play pics or videos on the SD card.

You could remove the card when you’re connecting the player to convert videos/pics?!

Is that how we fix thing here?

I dunno?!  :cry:
I’m just a consumer like you- and I’ve never had those problems. I always use MSC mode and it works fine.

Just to clarify, even if you’re successful putting pics or videos on the SD card the v1 player won’t recognize them and play them. Only from internal memory.

You could call tech support?!

Good luck with it-