Showing author in audiobook listing


I was wondering if it is possible to make the Sansa Fuze show author names in the Audiobooks listings?

At the moment it just shows the album/book titles. 

For example I have an audiobook of HG Wells “The Island of Dr Moreau”. 

The ID3 tag is like this:

Title:  The Island of Dr Moreau 1

Artist:  HG Wells

Album:  The Island of Dr Moreau

Genre: Audiobook

When I choose Music -> Audiobooks

the listing I get contains  “The Island of Dr Moreau” not HG Wells. 

Why is this so? and can it be changed to include the authors name. 

With the ordinary songs you can browse Artist->Album->Song why is this not so for audiobooks?

This sounds like you should add this as a feature request :)    Think about adding it to this message thread:

If Sansa doesn’t address it, you could edit your tags to get your desired info displayed.   MP3Tag is a easy to use tag editor.


You can do that NOW.

I use WMP and edit.  I put the author as the “artist”.  I just right click and change it that way.

I do mine this way, this is the order it shows up on my Fuze:

Album: Name of book

Artist:  author

Title: chapter and if it has a chapter title

hmm [indeed] I know where you are comming from here.  I posted some weeks ago on a similar matter, roughly as follows:

Given the new status of Audiobooks and Podcasts in the fuze [compared to say the E series] I wonder why these genres have not got their own home option on the home menu ie to separate them wholly from Music [like Radio or Voice is] – just a thought…   


Concerning  Audiobooks – one update that I would very much appreciate would be the addition of an additional [tag?] page that would show an intial list of authors [or artists] …  Having come from the E200v2 Sansa I have got used to selecting Audiobook from the music Genre option, and then (in my case I have a number of audiobook from the same author – Pullman, Rowling, Shakespeare etc.) selecting the author and then the desired audiobook.  This has become quite a desirable feature…  This would be similar to the Artist option now given under the general Music option.


Maybe technical problems with the auto-resume feature would prohibit this - but I hope this is not the case.  

Also for Audiobooks {and indeed any Music tracks}, how about also introducing ‘wrap-around’ here.  After passing from one chapter to the next on my old e200 if I wanted to rewind a bit to say the last 3 minutes of the last chapter[track] it was just a matter of pressing the rewind button and back you go.  On the Fuze the rewind just stops at the beginning of the current track/chapter; to go back the last few minutes you have to go back to the beginning of the last chapter and fast-forward through the chapter, which is a trouble.  It would be nice to also have the e200 rewind wrap-around option on the fuze.  Similarly a scan-through-song [audio book] option would also be nice… :wink: