Should I use Intel Rapid Storage Technology

I’ve just replaced a regular HDD with a Sandisk Ultra 3D SSD 500GB.

I cloned the HDD to the SSD using Macrium and all seems to be behaving well (W10 Pro).

My laptop comes with a 30GB data/cache configured as Raid 0 controlled by Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

At this point I’ve hit the limit of my techie know-how.

Do I need to do anything ‘special’ to have this work optimally with my new SSD?

Do I even need to use it all?



As far as I know, you should be just fine. Do get a HDD though for your daily storage. SSD is good only for the OS applications. Hope this helps.



If you cloned the old drive and you are not seeing any performance issues there really is not anything else you need to do. It will continue to use the same drivers as the original drive since you did a clone. 

I never used the intel rapid storage technology.