Should I Upgrade The Firmware?

To Sansafix, and everyone else who may be in the know:

I just bought my Clip last week, and I immediately updated the firmware to .18.

I am quite happy with the performance of the device. My question is: Should I bother to upgrade next week when the newer firmware comes out?

Besides the volume issue (which I dont care about…in fact, I’m afraid that the new firmware might reduce the overall volume, which I would not want to happen), what are the advantages of the new FW? (Oh…yes, the improved battery meter…nice touch…but not essential)


i go by the old adage, dont fix what aint broken.

The id3 tags parsing is way broken. If you’ve encountered the “refresh database freeze” this is why, and the new FW will fix it.

I’ll be updating it immediately upon release for this and the stated new fixes, and to see what else is added / fixed. I have the 018 binary saved so downgrading is no problem, should that be desired, and I’d suggest getting it NOW before it’s taken down in favor of the latest version. But again, I have confidence '19 will be vastly improved!

Hehe…I can agree with both of you at the same time- I do go by the addage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”- and while I have never encountered the database freeze…I must say, even with my Clips’ capacity only 25% full, it does take a few minutes to update…so maybe i will try the new FW just to be safe on that one. And I do have the .18 binary, and will hold onto it “just in case”.

Thanks, guys!


You’ll want to update to the new firmware when it comes out.  Wait and see…

Oh,  we wont reduce the max output of the volume,  FYI.

From the functionality improvement I’ve seen with the .18 update, I am quite enthusiastic about the upcoming firmware.

Sounds kinda juicy, doesn’t it?