Should i keep it?

I bought my express yesterday and it has worked okay so long.

I looked att the system info in my menu and it had the new update installed when i bought it so acording to what i have read on this forum it probably will get f+cked up sooner or later.

i bought this because my ipod got f-up after a update and after 2 weeks of problems it shut down and i never could start it again. 

But my main question is if i should keep it or go back to the store and get my money back?

I’ve had mine for months and have never had any problems that a hard reset did not fix.  I am keeping mine since nothing else compares on features or price.

I have used quite a few different MP3 players except iPod. (which I won’t.) They all get f*~#ed up. I think that the production of these items is running ahead of their technology! Most of the times problems occured when I started using the unit without going through the manuals. (because I know everything about MP3 players!). Some times its because of firmware or other software upgrade. But the good news is that you can ALWAYS find solution on the net. And most of the time it works. So, don’t despair and enjoy your SE.

Yes, keep it i’ve been a happy owner of a sansa express for 3 years and it is still a ipod killer, i just all the features that the express has, no other player this small can beat it. ( in other words keep it!)