Should I charge regularly? (Battery damage)?

Does it cause any damage to the player if it is not charged very often as I am thinking of buying another for a family member but He wont use it very often and it will only be charged once in a while.

Will the battery degrade in any way if not charged regular or for long periods?

Cheers all.


It uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery like with mobile phones.This will retain at least 80% of its capacity after 400 charge/discharge cycles. A properly maintained battery is used regularly :smiley:

But unlike other battery types, the Clip’s battery does not have a memory, and so that should help you out.  I think I’ve read that if one isn’t going to use the player for awhile, it should be left with a middle amount of a charge. 

I would suggest telling the recipient to use and charge the player at least once a month. 

I just got my Garmin GPS back from warranty service.  Turns out, it needed a new battery.  Turns out, the tech told me, the battery stays healthier and lasts much longer if it’s discharged and charged on a fairly regular basis.  I use the thing very infrequently, but I’m gonna make sure it gets cycled every couple of weeks.