Should i buy Jam or Sport?

So, i decided to buy a SanDisk MP3 Player and found out that there a lot of models. I made some research and found out that most people go on with Jam or Sport, so i was looking on reviews and comparison between them. Surprisingly, most people say that they’re both the same, only the display and the battery differ. I got really confused by that because i don’t understand what’s new in Jam version ? Why should i buy it ?

And aswell some people said that the quality of Jam and Sport is lower than the Clip one… Is it true ?

Please guys, i just want to understand which one should fit me better ? I mainly want the one with the best sound quality… Can you help me clear my confusion ?

Thanks in advance.

A few random comments.

The Clip Jam does not display album art (embedded or in the music folder). So that would eliminate the challenges of getting  clip art files to properly behave on SanDisk players.  I enjoy glancing at the screen of my Clip Sport to quickly see what album is playing.

The Clip Jam may be the only SanDisk player currently manufactured that uses a micro SD card. A 16 gb card is a good choice for this player considering the 2000 file limit in each music database (internal and external memory are separate databases).  The player can only access one memory source at a time (same for the Sport). The Jam battery holds 18 hrs of charge.The Clip Sport battery has 25 hrs.

      In late 2015, SanDisk provided a “beta” Firmware (1.28) for the Clip Sport that allows up to 4000 files per music database.

I am still using this version in all my Clip Sports. The Clip Sports came in multiple colors for easy genre selection of music styles (making up for the lack of genre selection from data in the ID3 tags).

The ear buds that come with the Clip Jam are not great (at least for me).

    I enjoy using the soft & flexible ear buds that came with the original Clip Sport.

I have not seen many comments or questions about the newest Clip Sport player (Go) in this forum.  I think it has 2 choices of internal memory (16 or 32 gb), but no micro SD card slot. I think the music database has a higher capacity (8000 files).

    I think the Clip Sport Plus has a long list of comments about problems with Bluetooth pairing with various devices.

So, from what you said i would still go with Jam just because i spent less money. The display and some hours aren’t the best things that change my opinion. But , one more question, are those ear buds really good? I have some Panasonic ErgoFit (idk the exactly model number)… Are they good enough to make me want to give some extra money mainly for those ear buds?

If you already have those Panasonic ear buds, then no worries. The Clip Jam sounds like a good choice for you.

Just remember the 2000 file limits. 

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