Should I Buy A Fuze?

The OH wants an MP3 player for Christmas and £50 is the budget.

Been very happy with the daughters’ e260’s so wondering if the Fuze would make a good purchase for my OH?

Advice/comments welcom


I say go for it…but I’m biased because I have one and love it, and never had an e-series:smiley:

If you like the e260, the Fuze will amaze you.  The interface is essentially the same, but you will have high capacity µSDHC support, improved playback, now with FLAC and OGG support, and smooth video too.

I would most certainly invest in a new Fuze!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

What’s an “OH”?  Old hag, old husband, ?

@mydd wrote:
What’s an “OH”?  Old hag, old husband, ?

my guess is “other half” :stuck_out_tongue:

Other Half

(da wifey)

i like my fuze… small, light weight.

I went from an e260 to a Fuze as well.  I thought I wanted an e280 until “issues” prevented that from occurring.  I really couldn’t be happier with the Fuze,  The upgrade in sound quality will amaze you.  The prices they are now at is truly astonishing.  Recently the 4gb began selling for as little as $49 (USD) and the 8gb at about $70.

I was skeptical of the video aspect at first but, (with apologies to those I smirked at), I have become farily addicted to the video too.

Get an 8 gb microSDHC card.  They are also getting insanely cheap now.  If you will be using the card for video, get a SanDisk and not a Kingston.  (Other threads on that topic here.)

With the 8 gbcard, thats 16 gigs of capacity, with video, sound recorder and FM radio (in the States anyway) for less than $90!

If you liked the e260, you’ll love the fuze!

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I like my Fuze. It’s served me well over the past couple months. Hasn’t let me down. I like it even better now that they’ve added Ogg Vorbis support (I’ve been partial to this format since discovering it). I’d recommend getting one, then upgrading to the latest firmware (instructions at the top of this forum) whenever you can.

Thanks everyone for your replies and clear endorsement of the Fuze. The only problem is my daughters will probably try and nick this off my OH (yes - wife!) and dump their e260 on her.

She likes the look of the blue so looks like that’ll be the one to get.

Here in the UK you can get the 4gb version with a free 4gb card thrown in for £49.99  from


I  like my 2 gig fuze and the micro  slot is something that all players should have. Wonder why the IPOD never went with that micro slot? Only had my player for a week and no problems what so ever (knock on  wood :dizzy_face:).  The screen  is larger than on the E260 (wife has one) plus the OGG and flac support is great like another poster pointed out. SO I owuld say get the Fuze for your OH but if you mess with  it you  might not let him or her have it lol