Sharing videos via the web?

Is there currently a way for someone to create a video, upload it to the web somewhere, and for a Connect user to then be able to view it?

Also, is there a plan for a next gen Connect in the works? And if so, any leaks on what the features might be?


Yes -

One way to do this is to have them upload it to You Tube.  You can then download the video, then convert it and add it to your connect using the Sansa Media Converter.

Click here for a tool to capture the video from You Tube:  The most efficient download, and most reliable for the Sansa Media Converter to handle is MOV format.

If you don’t have the media converter, you can download it here.


And… I just realized I didn’t ask this question like I meant to!

Is there a way to accomplish that wirelessly?

My son has an e250 and puts all sorts of movies on it.

What I was actually pondering is if a teacher had the abilility to put a video lecture online someplace that students could access through a Sansa Connect, either to download or to view via the web wirelessly.   

The Connect cannot receive streaming video.  Its only capability is to be able to receive Yahoo Launchcast internet radio stations via WiFi.  Be aware that, due to Yahoo’s decision to exit the subscription music business, the streaming music ability to the Connect will be discontinued sometime in the next couple of months, as they migrate their subscription music service to Rhapsody.   Unless Sandisk decides to update the Connect firmware, the wifi feature will no longer be functional.

So what about audio content?  Is the only audio content one can access … well, I guess what I am asking is if *I* had an audio file I wanted to make available for Connect users, could I do so?  I am assuming (not having used any of the services mentioned) that none of them are audio versions of YouTube, where individuals can upload their own content to the web for the masses to access… correct?

And has there been any talk of a next gen connect with a broader range of capabilities?  From Sansa, that is? 

Also, I should add that I’m referring to wireless access. 

I’m thinking of situations where, say… a student is gone for a day due to an extra-curricular activity.  The instructor makes audio files of his course available online for students who were absent.  

Is there a way for an instructor to place audio content on the web somewhere so that a student who is at a school two hours away can connect wirelessly with a Connect, access that audio file, save it to his Connect, and listen to it on the bus on the way home?  Or perhaps stream it then and there?

I know this isn’t the typical, intended use of this device, but it is an application I would find very useful.