Several questions regarding sansa fuze+


I ran into some issues using my fuze+, and I was hoping someone would have some answers.

  1. Is there any way my fuze+ can show as hard drive (e.g. G:)?

  2. No matter which operation I try to do - hit play, change the volume etc, there is always this small annoying lag - a little delay between the “button” being pushed and the operation. Any chance there will be a new firmware to fix this?

  3. I have a micro sd. Will the fuze+ recognize it if it’d be formatted to NTFS?

thanks! :slight_smile:

  1. Yes. Set your USB mode (on the player) to MSC in Settings > System Settings.

  2. Have you already updated the firmware to the latest version?

  3. Probably not. Even with the new 64GB cards that come formatted as exFAT, you must re-format them to FAT32 in order to be able to use them in a Sansa mp3 player. Why would you want to format it as NTFS?

  1. this did the trick :slight_smile:

  2. it says in the ‘info’ section that my current firmware is 02.38.06P. what is this ‘P’? the sansa updater says it is the current, but still…

  3. I want to move large files and since fat32 can only hold 4GB I thought of moving to ntfs. is fat32 really the only option?

thanks! :slight_smile:

You have the latest firmware. The alpha suffix merely denotes the geographical Region you selected after the update. Years ago with previous models, there was separate firmware versions for different geographical locations. Today that is unnecessary, the player will make any ‘local’ changes required based on the Region selected by the user.

Are you planning to simply use the Fuze+ as a card reader for transferring files to a microSD card? I doubt there is any single audio or video file larger than 4GB that it will play. If this is a DVD or movie conversion, it’s possible I suppose the files could exceed 4GB, but you’re better off breaking it up into smaller files and playing them consecutively.

If your goal is to use the card for non-audio or video files and for transfer to a different computer (like from home to work, or vice-versa) you’re better off getting a dedicated card reader for faster transfers than using the Fuze+.

You can try formatting to NTFS if you want to, but I don’t think the Fuze+ will recognize this format. You can always re-format back to FAT32 if it doesn’t work.

Thanks for the explanation.

I use the card both for storing (and playing) music but occasionaly to move large files. I’ve written a script to split and merge files and it suffices atm. Maybe in the future i’ll try formatting to ntfs.

thanks again! :slight_smile:

oh, i’ve forgot - what about the lags?

anything? :slight_smile: That’s pretty much the only way you’re going to get any updates. Sandisk doesn’t look like they will be providing updates anytime soon.

Be warned, though. If you plan on using the original firmware AND rockbox (since rockbox can dual-boot), you should avoid transfering important files with Rockbox. Instead, turn the device off, and plug it in while holding the VOLUME DOWN button. Otherwise, the origial firmware might eventually delete the files, without warning. If you add the files with the original firmware, it will realize that the files might be important, and preserve them.

it says in the Port Status that:

Clock/voltage 70%

The code works but we are still lacking code to handle voltage; also switching cpu speed is non-trivial and requires careful switching of clock and voltages. 


what does this mean? do you know what influence does it have?

thanks :slight_smile: