Several Crashing Issues

First post so I’m hoping this is in the right area.

Anyway - I recently purchased a Sansa Clip+ and was amazed at the convinience however I stumbled across some crashing within 10 minutes of use.

First crash was caused through selecting a certain song which would crash it, first time it crashed and restarted, second time it froze, the times after that it just crashed then restarted - It seems to be happening to this single one song only.

Second crash was when I selected info under system settings, doesn’t seem to like me selecting it and crash/restarts after a few seconds of freezing.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, this is the right place. Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

I would take a hard look at that one file that is causing the problem. Most likely the ID3 tag is of a format your Clip+ cannot read, or there is foriegn or strange characters somewhere is it, or there is very large embedded albmum art or the Comments field is full of data (which is useless).

Download MP3Tag, a free program and the undisputed king of tag-editing software and open up the file in it. Do this with the file on your computer, not on the player. Set the Write setting to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1, check the other possibilities I listed, make any corrections and hit the SAVE button. Then transfer the newly-edited file back to the player and see if that helps. :wink:

Many thanks, I’ll give that a shot. I tried re-downloading it to no avail however I did notice one strange thing within the files details in the right click>properties window.

I thought I’d compare it to a different file that I knew did work and noticed the song that caused the crash had 0kbps. Strangely…

I’ll try out your suggestion in the mean time, but by any chance do you have an idea as to the info screen crash?

EDIT: I’m a bit of a newbie with this program, how exactly do I change the write setting?

Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg —Write.

Does your 0kb file start with ._ (period underscore). It’s not a song even it says it’s an mp3. It’s a finder file used by Mac operating systems. You need to find the actual song, which should be about 1MB per minute of music.

If you have albums on your computer with subfolders MACOSX they are full of those finder files. You don’t want to transfer those to the Clip.

0kb can’t hold any Info–maybe that’s why it crashed.