[Setting requst] - Option to invert L/R slides

How it’s currently set up makes sense only when the slide detection is on the screen.  I find the current method backwards.

You may also want allow the option to invert the up/down detection as well.


Sorry, can you please explain your question a little better, what are you talking about when you say slides?

And what up/down detectio n?

i think i know what he means and i agree…

its hard to get used to the direction the slider goes, in order to go right you have to slide left etc

The drag or slide motion works differently, like physically sliding cards right or left.  Alternately, a brief tap on the right or left moves the menu in the opposite direction.

For example, I’m playing a track, and want to go forward to the next one.  We can slide from right to left to go forward one track, or tap on the right.  I understand what you mean, as it takes a little getting used to.

Bob  :wink:

Yeah, but an iPod uses the same sort of sliding function. And I think it wouldn’t make sense if it was the other way.

slimmyshady, there are many iPods.  Those with touchscreens operate much the same way as the Fuze+, but those controls are on the screen; which is where it makes sense for the slide to function in it’s current orientation.

To each their own.  Everyone has their own preference.  I don’t mind if i have to change a setting to get it “my” way, I’d just like the option (for alot of things…).


Sorry I’ve been away from my post.  You seem to have done well without me.