Server error hen connecting to launchcast

I was only able to connect to Internet Radio once. After I choose the station it says connecting, then says server error, with no reason for the error it is hard to figure out what the issue is.Any suggestions?

Is this a new Connect? If so, you need to try a couple times to a few different stations. There was a station lineup change in Yahoo! since the original product packaging. Some of the stations will give that error. The Connect needs to get the new station lineup. See if you can find one that will work and during your testing the new lineup should download.

Another easier method would be to run the recovery tool. This will force the latest firmware to load. It has a method included to update the station lineup so you don’t get that problem anymore. Note the recovery tool will wipe out everything you loaded, but I don’t expect you have much loaded if it is a new Connect.

Get recovery tool at