sensa clip+

I’ve just recieved my sensa plus. The screen wont change? It seems stuck on the first screen no matter what i press it doesn’t change. I’ve managed to get music out of by pressing multiple buttons but I just cant get it to access any menus?

Peel off the sticker on the screen.

thanks, got it. Now can you tell me how to change language. All th emenus are in arabic? i tried reset and it didnt change it back. thanks

found it elsewhere on the forum, thanks for your help. this is a great forum

Is there anyway that you can put a picture of the pealoff sticker on the forum for people to see—there are a lot of them that don’t know that a sticker is on the new ones and don’t see it, it is small you know, just a suggestion

Especially note the little tab at the sticker’s upper right . . . .

The fact that you see this image (Music, headphones & battery meter) in the packaging and even after you take it out, knowing that the device is OFF, should be a major clue that it is a film that must be peeled off before use.

Heck, I can even see the little pull tab on the film in the (top) picture of the player posted by color43. It’s much more noticeable in person. I think people are just a little too excited to play with their new toy to logically think things through and see the obvious. :smileyvery-happy: