Sensa Clip+ not recognized under W XP sp3

I need some help :

I just receive my Sansa Clip+ 4Gb (SDMX18-004G-E46B) and I try to connect it to my PC (Windows XP prof. 2002 sp3)

The name of my Sensa was recognized, but I’ve an error 10 (The device can’t start)

I install the sensa updater but with no more success !

Any help will be welcome !

The Sansa Updater won’t help you with connection issues between your player and your computer.   It’s mainly there to alert you about new firmware updates and to download the manual.

If your player is in autodetect mode, reset it to MTP mode.  Go to settings -> system settings -> usb mode to change the usb mode settings.

Then follow this solution from the Sandisk Knowledge Base.

Hope this helps.