Semi double dir name bug

Hi all,

I found an interesting bug. I have two podcasts, SGU and SGU_5x5 one is the Skeptics Guide and the other one the abdridged version 5x5. When I save both folders to the /PODCASTS directory, and use the Music/Folders option to browse them, only SGU_5x5 is visible, while both folders are there.

I recreated this with the folders TEST and TEST_5x5 in which case only the first folder TEST was visible and the last one TEST_5x5 is not visible. If I go to the “Audio/Podcasts” section the podcasts are there, but they cannot be browsed on the Sansa Clip+ 

My firmware is the latest available;  v01.02.15a

Other info is that I have a SD card also inserted in the Sansa Clip + but since it is a consistent problem with similar names as folders, I do not suspect it to be the problem.

Can anyone confirm this?

Workaround is renaming SGU to SkepticsGuide and leave SGU_5x5 for what it is, but since it seems to be a bug, I wanted to report it here.

With regards,

  • Jorgen