Self healing Clip!

I had reported a week ago or so that, when I pulled out the USB plug (Clip end) a vertical “line” appeared on the left side of the screen. It was wider at the top, & yellow, narrowing at the bottom (blue) & at the full brightness of the screen. Actually, when text coincided with the line it was brighter. Antway, I figured that there had been an arc when I removed the plug & it hit the screen & the drivers stuck “ON”. Well, after w weeks use, last night the line was gone! I had even turned the brightness all the way down to see if I could make the line go away with no luck. Actually, I like the brightness turned down, it’s easier for me to see it at night without my glasses. I was going to exchange this one for the 4GB when it arrives, but it is not defective any longer!!! Amazing that this little budget unit can heal itself, Huh? It’s a miracle!

Kinda like those old TVs that used to display a phosphorescent line on the screen after you shut the TV off … keep watching, and the line would turn to a dot, and then … poof! … go away!

And I also remember …

  • when TVs had remotes … you had to get up and walk across the room to change the channel
  • “VHF” and “UHF”
  • phones with number dials (hey kids, ever hear of a “dial-up connection”?)
  • calculators that cost hundreds of dollars, had six-digit displays, and could only add/subtract/multiply/divide
  • when there were no personal computers and anyone who wanted to become an expert on something had to go to the library and read words on flat, bleached pieces of wood
  • using Brontosauruses at the rock quarry

I don’t know how OLED reacts to a static discharge or if it may hold a charge, but, like I said, this defect was going to be my new 4GB Clip when it arrives, but alas, I will have to shell out the $$$. I do want a 4GB Clip, but it’s not a no-brainer now that the 4GB Toshiba T400 is available locally for $80. I really like my T400… A LOT!!