Selecting a folder to play from... FFwd only loops through THAT folder. =(


So far this has been a really great player. I’ve updated the firmware to 01.01.21, and tried all the options I can find but I’m still having trouble.

On my old Creative Zen Nano, I could skip folders, and continue playing from any given folder. When the last song in the folder was played, it would continue on to the next folder.

Now, I can “Select all” fodlers from the “Folder” menu in “Music”, which works through all the songs a folder at a time.

But I wanted to skip a folder, so I jumped into the menu’s, and selected the relevant folder several below the “Play all” option, and it started playing…

I hit the “Skip forward” button on the last track of that selected folder, and was a bit surprised to find that the first track of that folder came on, and not the first track of the next folder.

Can anyone help?

Am I doing it wrong? Is there an option I need to set?


That’s just the way it works. When you’ve finished listening to a folder, if you want to go to another, you will have to manually select it. FF will not jump to another folder.


Ok, thanks!