Select multiple songs, artists, albums, genres, etc

I’ve never found using a DAP (From anyone, not just SANDisk) easy.  I’ve been using an e260 for the last year or so and love the design, but this usability issue still drives me nuts.

I store several different genres and types of audio files on my device (classic rock, classical, podcasts, audiobooks, etc).  Depending on the occasion, I may want to listen to several podcasts in order, or maybe I’m in a classical music mood, or maybe I’m good with all types of rock as well as some pop thrown in.  The only way I know how to do that currently is to hit “Play All” and whenever something I don’t want to hear starts, hit the skip button, or I could make separate playlists of every mood I might have.  Neither of those options is very easy.

I’d like the ability to select multiple categories to create an ad-hoc playlist.  So if I want to listen to all rock, I’d put a check mark (or however it’s implemented) next to several Genres, then hit play.  If I want to listen to the five most recent podcasts from Joe Bloe, then I’d put check marks next to those 5 and hit play.  If I want to listen to Metallica, but only their older albums, put check marks next to those albums and hit play.

It seems like this might be fairly easy to implement as a firmware update to the currently supported players (I know my e260 is not current and will never have this feature), or I’d even be willing to buy a new player to get this feature.

What do you think?  Would this be useful to others?  Is it already a feature in an existing DAP?  Can I already do this with my e260, but I just don’t know how?

(PS. Add common DAP terms to the spellcheck for the forum.  It told me “SanDisk” as well as other common terms aren’t words.)


Making me miss the now defunct Trekstor Vibez. It did what you want.

If you queue up for example:

PLAY > GENRE > ALTERNATIVE. You could then hit the menu button and choose MORE OF THIS… which would take you back to GENRE to select another.

So count me in as agreeing with you. I adore the Fuze. The SQ is amazing. I just really want more options for selecting tracks because now I pretty much do what you do. Either PLAY ALL and skip. Or PLAY > GENRE and just stick to one.