SecureAccess V3 confusion


I just got a 32GB Cruzerblade that was preloaded with Secure Access V2, which wanted to update to V3. This was unsuccessful, so I formatted the stick and downloaded V3 onto the blade from this site.

This worked and put two new files on the stick - “SecureAccess settings” and “Secureaccess vault” - but when my Vault appeared it contains four files called “69”, “index.dat”, “keychain.dat” and “version.dat”. The .exe file is what I have to use to secure my files.

I’m completely new to this, but shouldn’t it be that I save in the vault and can delete the exe file?

Any advice greatly appreciated

no you have to use the exe to open the applicaiton and put the files in the application. the vault folder is where the encrypted database files are stored. 

Check here for a quick start guide and more FAQs 

OK thanks Dr.

Seems a bit daft that, as you then have the confusion of having two vault icons and the thinking about which is the right one. The quick start guide doesn’t explain that anyhow, it refers to a personal vault so you’d think the secureaccess vault was the right one wouldn’t you?

Maybe my post " RESOLVED: SecureAccess 2.0 Windows—Able to open .dat Files" will help provide a resolution for you.

Best regards…