SecureAccess for SD cards

I noticed I cannot use SecureAcess with my SanDisk SD card.  (inserted into my laptop SD card slot)

It would be a great feature addition if SecureAccess worked with SanDisk SD cards too!

While probably not ideal for you use, if you have a Mac you could use Knox or extended-FileVault2, and if you have a PC you could use BitLocker for full disk encryption or VeraCrypt for full or partial disk encryption. VeraCrypt is a free program, and while it is not as user friendly as SecureAccess and a little tricky to configure for removable media, it is very secure (arguably one of the best available encryption programs.)

Alternatively, if you have only a limited amount of files you want to encrypt, an application like 1Password will use AES-256 and allow attachments to the digital wallet to be encrypted along with your logins, images, and financial data. 1Password is, overall, an extremely secure application and a very user-friendly one that dramatically improves productivity.

With all that said, if you are using a SD card or microSD card with a camera, you obviously will not be able to take an image and have that image automatically encrypted using the above programs. The best solution to that IMO is to format the drive with two partitions and use one partition for encrypted files and the other partition for non-encrypted files (in which the camera will then save to the unencrypted partition.)

contact with your dealer…if you not get fixed yet…!!!!