SecureAccess 3.0 "upgrade" to Encryptstick

On installing SecureAccess to my new 128GB stick, SD/WD offers a half-price “upgrade” to the “better” Encryptstick software.

And I purchased it.  HOWEVER:

Neither SD/WD nor Encryptstick explain how to “upgrade” from SecureAccess to the “better” Encryptstick software.

Does Encryptstick install over SA?

Does SA have to be removed first (with all the problems that creates)

Does Encryptstick install after SA?

Do they conflict?

Just what is the proceedure?

(Note that SecureAccess is written by Encryptstick as a 3rd party supplier and is not an SD/WD product.  

So will SD/WD still stand behind it?)

by the way, I have sent both companies a support request to answer this question and have yet to receive a reply.


sandisk provides the free software of secure access and of course supports it. after you purchase the full version you install the software new with all the extra features that it provides and the support comes then from encryptstick direct. 

so in that case you install a new software. 

Regardless of the Encryptstick upgade options I would recommend before installing/upgrading Backing up whatever files you put into SecureAccess to your hard drive, or another flash drive.

As for uninstalling SecureAccess if there is no uninstall option simply delete the 3 files and folders on the flash drive that relate to SecureAccesss.


I interpret your response to mean:

  1. if SA is installed, any existing files must be copied somewhere else

  2. SA must be un-installed, and/or deleted

  3. the full Encryptstick is then installed

  4. any files can then be re-copied back to the stick

This would have been nice to know before installing SA the first time around.


to your questions:

if you encrypted files with the free version of SA then of course you will need to take them out of the vault in order to encrypt them to the full version

2 you can leave the free version of SA but it would lead to confusion with the 2 at the same time

3 the software is fully installed then

4 correct