SecureAccess 2.0 Timeout and editing documents?

I like the new feature of editing a document within the vault, but I have a concern:

In SecureAccess 2.0, does the Password Timeout affect any updates to a document?

For example, if I have set Password Timeout = 10 minutes, then opened a document (that is stored on in the vault) and make updates to that document for a half hour or so, will the changes beyond the 10-minute timeout mark be saved?

I’m expecting that if I save changes up to 10 minutes, those changes will be captured, but what happens if I continue to make edits and then click Save at the 30-minute mark, after the Timeout has taken effect?

I just bumped the password timeout down to 1 min. I opened a document and edited it and closed it and saved it while secureaccess was open. The edit was saved properly. Then I opened the document again let the time out occur edited the document and closed and saved it. When I logged back into the vault and opened the document the edits that were done after the lockout were not saved. 

In short edits made after the lockout are not saved.