Secure Access stopping shutdown on Mac Os X

Dear all,

I was wondering if anyone expert on MacOs may suggest a solution to an issue arisen when I installed Secure Access on my MacBook Air.

Secure Access is always up and running on my system, and when I request the shutdown, it stops with an alertbox saying: 

runSanDiskSecureAccess_mac has canceled shutdown (I can’t report the exact message in English, since the OS speaks my local language: italian)

After closing this alert box, the service is effectively stopped, and on my second request for shutdown, the pc finally quits.

But at restart, same story… every shutdown has to be initiated twice.

This happens also with some other applications, if they are prompting me for any choice. The OS cancels the shutdown and let me choose at the app prompt. But in the case of SecureAccess, there is nothing requiring my attention. Just the annoyance of having to request the shutdown always twice.

Thanks a lot for any suggestion you may provide.

Have a nice day,