search function seems to slip

i started using a sansa clip 2gb recently and have noticed that the search functions don’t work properly.  I listen to alot of audiobooks or downloaded radio shows in mp3 format.  If i search (for example) 7 minutes into a track it wil come up in a deifferent spot every time even though the counter says 7:00.  I’ve also noticed that when i turn it off and go back to resume where i’ve left off it might be scrlled back by a minute or two, then causing me to fast forward to who knows where.  Has anyone else experienced this problem and is there a fix?  Also, is there a bookmarking feature available?  thanks for any help

I listen to custom(end user ripped) made audiobooks and audioplays. The sanza fuse should start exactly where you left off in any file you’ve listened to. Alternatively, the menu screen asking to resume or start from beginning from a selected should come up. If it doesn’t,  then you haven’t listened to that track. I did try to find the number of saved resumes. Its one resume per track and I gave up at thirteen tracks over 9 audiobooks. That as good as my old Iaudio G3. Only the list of resumes is missing and one has to remember what track you stopped on. I can see if your listening to a directly ripped audiobook with all the little files created during the rip, you might think your so many minutes off. Grab rips that are one cd per file and you won’t have that problem.

I just did a start from beginning and moved to where I left off using the time on the screen and it was right on spot to the word…after moving 32:12. The search is non-linear in that it goes faster the longer it is held down. One has to get used to it. Its a bonus to me and maybe not to you. It should be a choice in the global settings as the search speed was setable on the IAudio G3.

My fuze is v1 .28 firmware(no reason to go Rockbox yet, but)

A list of the resumes saved would be nice

Direct folder access from the main scroll

AA or AAA battery accessory as I can’t be relied on to charge it

Alarm feature as it has sleep


my issue is more with the search function and i’m working with a CLIP, not a FUZE.  I’ve never experienced these search problems with any other mp3 player regardless of the media format.  anyway, maybe i can help you out.  My previous player that just died was a Sport Insignia which had 4gb storage and was expandable via sd micro card.  It had terrific bookmarking feature that would let you save up to 12 (i think) bookmarks.  Before that I had a Creative Muvo TX FM which is still the best i’ve ever owned for my purposes (mainly to run with).  It was powered by a AAA batteryand had the easist accessible features while on the move.  The downside is it maxes out at 1gb.  You can still find them on eBay, even though Creative discontinued the line.  It also worked off of folder file names, not meta tag info.

LOL…My BAD!!! I thought I thought I read Fuze. I don’t have a clue about the CLIP. But thanks for the added info on the mp3 players. :wink: