Seamless Playback of Multiple Tracks

I listen to opera.  Even though the CD breaks acts into multiple tracks, CD players play the music seamlessly.  Is there any way to get the Sansa Fuze to do the same?  As it is now, there’s an audible break between tracks.  This is really annoying when the break occurs during an aria or any continuing melodic theme.  Thanks.

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Bob Honeyman

The only to do that is to install an alternate firmware, rockbox, from . It has what is called gapless playback. SanDisk’s firmware for Fuze does not do that.

With the Clip+ , gapless is possible, but the (original)  Fuze platform has a brief gap as the next file is loaded.  Indeed, Rockbox plays gapless, but if you have protected media requiring DRM capability Rockbox kills this capability on your device.

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Thanks.  I’m currently fighting XP to figure out how to present the player as a network device.  But, now I’m off for a couple of days.  I’ll pick it up after Passover’s over.

Play with the USB mode. Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. Make it MSC and it will be read as a standard disc drive.

You can use Audacity (or other free audio file editing program) to join the separate tracks into 1 long continuous piece. I’ve done this with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of the Moon album. You also have to create a whole new ID3 tag, but the result works.