SDSSDXP480G is failing at first start


my SSD is not recognized on first start. Just when the system is asking for a proper boot device and I restart, the drive is recognized. All other function are ok. 

My motherboard is ASUS crosshair III formula.

System: Win 8.1

If you need more data, please let me know.

Thanks and kind regards from Berlin,



All the SSDs are unformatted and needs to be formatted first in order to be detected by the system. If you didnt format the ssd it will only show up in the bios and in the disk managment.

You can install windows on the ssd where it gets automatically formatted in order to make the ssd the boot drive or you can format it in the disk managment and use the ssd as a secondary drive.

Hay, thanks for the quick reply. The drive is already formatted and windows is running on the drive. Right now im working from the OS on the drive. 

The story is, I took this 2,5" SSD from my Laptop and connected it with my Desktop-PC. It works fine, but the only problem is the recognition at startup.

Right now I have many important data and too much work to do, but if formatting is the only option. I will schedule it for later.

Looking forward to oyur reply :slight_smile:


As far as i could understand is that you used the ssd with the laptop and had it as a boot drive there and now you simple connected the ssd to the desktop pc and continue using it as a boot drive. In that case it could be a compatibility issue of the hardware that was used to create the first boot drive. In that case a format could resolve the issue in order to have a clean install of the os to the drive with the desktop pc.