SDSSDP128G will kill soon my XP?

Hi there,

Following a hardware failure on my traditionnal HD, I bought a SDSSDP128G and installed XP SP3.

I’m very happy about this.

I saw recently some bad informations regarding not recommanded usage of this SSD under XP, talking about trim issue and whatever.

What is this?

Is it true that XP will kill soon my SSD?


unfortunatelly yes the ssd will soon have issues if you didnt alligned it correct and used the correct configurations. Please make sure to follow the steps of the kb that is posted on the sandisk site ( ensure that the ssd is correctly installed with the xp system.

Also i would recommend to use a newer Os because windows xp are not even supported from Microsoft.

Good luck.

I don’ t see any mention on alignment in your link.

Your link shows what I did but this is a generic method for installation


In that case when you followed all the steps then you can also try the following:

format the ssd with windows 7 or later to ensure that the drive was alligned correct and then install xp on it so all the blocks are written correctly to the drive.

If you already installed win xp on the drive then you can check if there is another option to allign it afterwards.

I used minitool partition wizard (free) to align my partitions of some older HDs without data loss:

Windows 7 natively supports trim for SSDs.  Windows XP doesn’t so maybe you can find a 3rd party app.  Maybe you can start here: