SDSSDP-256G-G25 Speed

Hi all

Just picked up a SDSSDP-256G-G25 to put in a Samsung N150 notebook.

Performance seems very slow with Win7 Starter, seems to be taking as long as the failing HD it replaced when cold booting.

I’ve checked the alignment after imaging from the HD transfer to SSD and all seems good.

I might just re-install and see if things improve.

So what would be the best sector / cluster size for Win7? I heard you have to check when for the later versions of windoze.
Will Win7 install deal with all this for me as ive read…?

Do these drive support the TRIM function?


Performance spec can be found at the link below. Keep in mind this is a SATA 6GB SSD so if your computer is SATA 1.5 or SATA 3 Gb the SSD will be limited to the slower speed of the computer.

SSD need to be aligned to 4K boundaries. How are you checking alignment? AS SSD is a free download and will show the alignment in the top left. Look for the number if they are Green with “OK” beside them the disk is aligned correctly. 

If you reinstall Win 7 will take care of everything for you. All you need to do is format it with the default settings. 


Thanks for the reply and the link for the specs.

Drive is in a Samsung N-150 netbook, im not sure what SATA version the chipset supports at the moment, i guess SATA 1.

Ive managed to re-install Win7 starter as luckily i have a install DVD, just had to rummage for a internal DVD drive which i connected using a USB converter…

Originally i was going to re-install from the recovery partition which i imaged over from the failing HD, didn’t go so well…

Anyway im all up and running again and speed has improved tremendously, boot from cold is about 30 secs with a clean install.

Ive needed start again since i brought it S/H 5/6 months ago, as it was working i just used it as it came.
Average sequential read / write speeds are around 223 MB/s read & 163 MB/s write using AS SSD.

It informs me that the 4K boundaries are good.

So speeds might still be slower that optimal in this netbook, but its a vast improvement over the HD.

l’ll have a look at some windoze hacks to try and squeeze some more performance out of it, ive done a few already…

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Just had a hunt for the chipset it uses and its the Intel NM10 Express which quotes as being a SATA2 3Gb/s, wonder if there’s some updated drivers for that…