SDMX1 1GB - No play speed setting?

I’m a very satisfied owner of the 512 MB version of the SDMX1 and one of my favorite features is the playback speed feature.  I recently purchased the 1 GB version expecting it to have the same functionality as the 512.  Turns out, that even though the software on the 1 GB version is dated more recently that it does not have the speed menu in its settings!   Here is the software version for the 1 GB unit:

SD-1024 Rv2

Also, it seems that files transfer to the 1 GB unit slower than they do to the 512.  It should be noted that the 1 GB version is a refurbished unit.  Is there some way to update the firmware on this device?

Thanks for your help!

Can I send this unit in or is there some program I can flash it with to add the functionality I’m looking for?

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