SDHC UHS-I Card should be compatible with SDHC device, but is not fully compatible

I have a 16 GB Sandisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-I Card and there should be no compatibility problems with non UHS-I devices.

When I insert the card in my smartphone Huawei Y300, the card is recognized and works.

But when I turn the phone off and on (or remove battery) so there is nu current for some time, the card is not recognized anymore and the smartphone returns to internal storage.

The only way to re-recognize the card is open the back of the phone, remove the card and insert it again,

I turn off the phone frequently, so this card behaviour is very unpractic.

Summary: the card is only recognized in the first session.

What can be done?


in that case you can try anothe card with the mobile or try the card with another host device to see where the issue is. if the card is also not detected all the time by another device then the card seems to be defective and needs to be replaced.

if the host device does the same with other cards then it seems that the sd slot has an issue and you need to check that with huawei

Other MicroSDHC cards, 16GB Class4 and 4GB Class10, normal cards not UHS-I, work fine.

Sandisk claims UHS-I to be backwards compatible. Well, for my Huawei it is not fully.

I don’t own another device but I hope to hear soon from other people with other smartphones.

On a PC with the adapter in the card slot or an USB port, the card works fine by the way.

Is this the right colouring or could it be fake: Top half: red letters on white background like in this image. B.t.w. this is not where I bought it. I bought this MicroSDHC+Adapter in a regular shop but same packaging as shown here:

To verify authenticity, you should contact SanDisk directly.

It’s the only way to be 100% sure. :wink: