sdhc support? easy file acces?

I’m thinking about buying the sansa express, but I have 2 questios:

  1. Does it support 3/5/6 gigabyte sdhc cards?

  2. if it does, wil I be able to acces this much music easily?

I have a creative zen micro that is dying on me right now, so I’m looking for a good (flash)player that will replace it.
The sansa express seems to be about the only cheap 100% music player (no big screen and/or video support) that can hold a butload of my mp3’s (if sdHC is supported), right?
And will I be able to make folders/playlists or anything like that?

I would be great if someone would enlighten me in these points,


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due to the structure of 2GB+ cards, currently the SE has difficulty with reading the cards. Read the forum a bit more, espacially the 2GB card not woorking thread.

It’s a firmware issue. The player needs a “driver” for those cards like a computer does too.

Using Windows Explorer, You can copy a folder from your hard drive or right-click to make a new folder and then name it what ever you want.

You can make a playlist using Windows Explorer by highlighting the MP3’s you want in the playlist and then clicking on Create Playlist and then naming the playlist, then open the playlist [double-click/right-click and open or Properties] and then put the tracks in the order that you want.

For some reason it seems to put the first half (roughly) of the tracks in the bottom of the list and the second half in the top of the list, so you need to look for the MP3 that should be first and then highlight the MP3’s from there to the end of the list and then move them all to the top.