SDED7-256M-N9 - Need Help Blanking - Will Pay

I own a quantity of 35,000 SanDisk SDED7-256M-N9 memory devices. I need to have them blanked for me.

My company is willing to pay a fee to have someone do this, but would prefer to have someone who is SAVVY on these older SanDisk devices for tech support guide us in using the parts in our application. If there is an unlock code for sale, we would entertain buying it.

These parts are guaranteed authentic and have been analyzed by our own lab, and by other qualified labs. SanDisk also authenticated them during a Customs inspection. Be advised there is no concern about the authenticity of these deviceas. (We only deal in authentic product due to our strict quality standards and our government certifications: ( )

Your help on who to talk with would be incredibly appreciated. I can be reached 24x7 @ 949.275.2761.

Kind regards,

A quick Google search of the part number you are referring to shows this is an embedded memory device. This is a retail product end user forum and we do not have many users that work with OEM or embedded products. Your best bet would be to ask your distributor if they have any recommendation for a company that provides programming services. 

Also this is a public forum probably not the best idea to post your telephone number. Who knows what it could be used for.