sdcz43-064g-gam46 ultra fit 64gb write speed


i just bought a sandisk ultrafit 64gb usb 3.0.

the code is sdcz43-064g-gam46

I have a problem and a question. I hope that any experienced member or sandisk staff can help me.

The problem is that the pen drive works but it´s way too slow in writing.

it´s even slower than my old 2.0 pen drives.   i have tried both using the fat32 and the ntsf file system but writing transfer speeds are ridiculous

both with medium (mp3) and large files (video).

i have connected the pen drive both to a usb 3.0 d-link hub and directly on the motherboard but the result is the same.

the writing speed it´s not constant and very slow (from less than 1 mb/s to a maximum of 11 mb/s).  small and medium files are a little faster than big ones

the drive is fat32 formatted because i need this file system to use it in my car stereo.

I would like to know if this is a normal speed for this drive or anything can be wrong so i will return it to amazon.

is it normal that the as-ssd utility says 16k bad when I select the drive?

all my other usb drives has a green status there.

another question:

the drive has a red status led in front.

the led flashes when writing to the drive but it stays off when reading. is this behaviour normal?

all my other pen drives from patriot or kingston blink both writing and reading

thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me.


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