SD micro card acting up (when using SMC)

ok, so i have a Crucial Miro SD card (1 GB) that i but in my Sansa Fuze (2GB) and i aready Formated the SD card, and it shows up in My Computer. it shows there that i have my 1 gig of memory there but when i turn on SMC it shows that i have 1999.7 mb of total space and only 6.1mb of space left on it. im so confused at this point, also when i tried to put a movie on the player, it failed to put it on there. i have the usb settings on auto detect and it seems to work fine.

so any suggestions? ^^

ok so i formatted the player (using the players format function) and it seems to have fixed it, but i dont know what happened to it in the first place

Pass, just one of those things.  Glad it’s working for you now though!

now today when i plugged it in, the same thing happens in SMC, and i really don’t want to format the drive again

can i have some help please?

The 6.1 MB may mean there’s a file the Sansa can’t read: bad, corrupt, inexplicably disliked.

Try running Error Correction on the affected drive. May work, may not.

If not, you’ll probably have to Format again.

But then, instead of SMC, try running your movie through video4fuze:

You might also have better luck putting your movie on the internal memory and the music on the card. Some cards just don’t work well with video.