SD Card with 2 Directories


I own a SanDisk 16GB microSDXC Card and I wastrying to put some videos on it but the sd card has 2 directories, 1 directory called boot which has 64mb of storage and one called NO NAME with only 15 gb of Storage. I try to use the SD card on my iPod and camera but they both go straight to the boot directory. Can someone help me get rid of the 2nd directory 9boot) or tell me how to stop my dvices from going straight to boot?


(P.S. Included a screenshot so you know what i’m talking about)

It looks like someone used the drive to install a bootable system on it, maybe Windows Recovery or a Linux system.  Who’s used the drive other than you?

A 16GB microSDXC Card would come pre-formatted as FAT32. I see by your screenshot it is showing as exFAT. Did you do this? If so, I would advise reformatting to the correct format (FAT32).