sd card Question to those with clip+

I have a clip and was thinking about getting a clip+. here is a question:

when you put in the sd card and load it with songs does it just show up with the rest of the music/podcast? will you notice any lag/slowdown when selecting or browsing songs on sd card.

from what I remember in the E series, the implementation was very clumsy and I ended up not using it. I haven’t even tried it with my view but that’s a different story (view sucks, I hate sandisk, etc…)

On the Clip+ and Fuze, the card integration is seamless when browsing by tags . The player does tell you though if a song is on the card memory by having a symbol in the shape of a memory card next to the song name.Otherwise you wouldn’t know if the song is in main memory or on the card(except by going to folder browsing). If you have the same song on both the card and main memory, it will list both, one with the card symbol next to the title, and one without it.

I have the Clip+, Clip, and Fuze. I recommend that you get a Clip+. In addition to the card slot, the Clip+ has browsing by folders as well. This is very handy at times, such as when you have podcasts you only want to listen to once and don’t want to bother editing tags on them.