SD card price difference help???

I just purchased a new camera that requires a high speed sd card.  I purchased the 64 GB Extreme Plus SDXC UHS-I Card. This card is on the SanDisk site and at Best Buy for $134.99.  I think I found the same card at Target and Walmart for $39.99. Best Buy matched the price and I was out the door.  Now I’m curious, was the Best Buy price and the SanDisk website price just an insanely high mark up or did the Best Buy employee make a mistake? 

I’ve included the bestbuy website item, my purchase item and another store’s online price. 

The only difference I see from the Best Buy website is that card doesn’t say V30, where the card I purchased does. 

Are there any difference is the performance of t DAD46034-7C6E-4283-B7E5-7A141B85039F.JPG IMG_5669.PNG IMG_5668.PNGhe card I purchased? Is it really $134 or is $39.99 the correct or common price?