sd card is suddenly not recognized - urgent assistance


We are trying to move files from the micro SD card to the pc desktop part by part as it is almost 16GB of files. during this process, on the second time, the computer note “you need to format the disk on drive G before you can use it”. After I press cancel it notes" the storage device doesn’t contain familiar system files, please make sure all required device managers of file systems are charged and the storage device is not corrupt." i have tried all usb inputs in this computer, in another one and in other laptop, without been able to get to the files.

Please note that this is the second time I have this issue with this sd card type – this is a new one and contain a very important files. Please advice A.S.A.P what should I do to get to this files before they will be erased?

Type of the SD card: Ultra 16GB Micro SD HC I, PC Runs with Windows 7 64bit.

Thank you

Can you run a CHKDSK command on it?


I know how to get to cmd window, I tried that as i saw it on the net, somewhere… but i am not sure for the correct command text, if the sd card in Drive G, is the correct text is : CHKDSK:G    ?

i also found the SD card in the “Device Manager” under portable devices  :G , I checked the window of update over there and it noted that it is updated and works fine so i dont know how to move on from there…

Thanks for your Assistance,

Run Command Prompt with Admin priviledges and enter:

chkdsk g:

If errors are found you may need to run:

chkdsk g: /f

Good luck.


If Windows 10 when selecting the Command Prompt in the Windows menu RIGHT click on the option then click on More and finally chose Run as admin.


After i typed chkdsk g: - It shows “the type of the file system is RAW.     CHKDSK is not avilable for RAW”

Please advice what should i do next to reach these files?

Byd, if i will type chkdsk g: /f   as you suggested - will it format the disk? i need the files in the disk so i need to be very carefull not to format it.

Thanks for your Assistance!

If you are sure drive G: is your card and it is showing as RAW you may need professional help to save your files.


Actually, It is very very Bad that you cannot assist and i need to look for extra cost of proffesional solutions as this is the second time I am not able to read your disks and paying extra cost just to get the most reliable and it seems that it happened the same also with the same disk model! which means sandisk is just a brand and the reliablity behind is just a fiction! so its a waste of money to pay more as there are better reliable options than your disks. will consider that for all future disks purchases.