sd card is not recognized anymore (corrpupted?) help

given that the sd card is not recognized cause i guess it has been corrupted somehow  and need to be formatted, is there something i can do ? is there a config file of sorts that handles the sd card that i might re-set or edit or any other file that i can delete/edit to get a chance to access the data on the sd card? 

i can access the files on the player BUT NOT ON THE PC , on the pc it says the sd card is not recognizable, so is there a way to make the card availabe again by editing or deleting of files?

Is it not being recoginzed by your computer while in the card slot of the player or using a separate card reader? If all is well when using a card reader, most likely the problem is with the player.

If you can’t see/access it either way, it sounds like the card has failed. Formatting might work, but may not. You may need to get another one. Thankfully, the prices are good on them now. You DO have any music, etc. on the card backed-up somewhere, don’t you?

unfortunately not all is backed up so thats why i wanna try other steps before JUST formatting the card, its the second time that this happened to me that the sd card got screwed, both times with (different) 32 gb cards and both times with different firmwares (1x original 1x rockbox) , i dont have an issue with 8gb sd card though, 

which leads me to believe that the bigger the card / more capacity / more files the lesser it is supported by the player

I have several 32GB cards and several different players. And I have never experienced this problem. Having said that, all my cards are Class 2 or 4. Others have reported having problems with Class 10 cards however. Class 10 cards are designed for cameras shooting HD video and rapid-fire action stills. They are in my opinion, a waste to use them in mp3 players. Others will disagree, claiming the faster “write” speed will save time in loading the cards with music files, but with the number of people having problems, I don’t believe the incompatibility risk is worth it.

What class is your card? And if this is the 2nd time you’ve experienced this, and you didn’t back-up your files on it after the 1st time well, let’s just say I don’t have any positive comment or suggestion.

Try to access the SD card on your PC using a card reader. If still it does not work then I would suggest you to format the card as it seems to be damaged thus unabling you to access it anymore. However formatting is wise enough only when you have a valid backup available to you. Else you need to seek for a genuine Photo Recovery software to restore the deleted photos back.

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