sd card icon showing

Wanting more memory for my Clip+ I bought a 16 GB Sandisk micro sdhc Class 2 card.  While I am having no problem loading and playing my music I notice that the albums loaded on the micro sdhc card display an icon to the right of the screen.  The icon is an outline of the micro sdhc card itself.  The files on the internal memory do not show an icon of any type. 

Since the card is working my complaint may seem trivial, but my previous card (an 8GB Sandisk Class 4) did not show this icon and left me more screen space for the title information. I cannot figure out why these icons have appeared now since I am using the same Sansa firmware as before.  Can I remove these icons, and if so, how?

The SD card icon displays only at the songs level, in Folder view or when navigating via the ID3 tag information.  Could you have been navigating by artist or album before?  The wee SD card icon has always been present on mine, when looking at titles on the card.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thank you for the response, Bob.  I have nearly always navigated by album.  I went back to check and you are correct that the icon does not appear until I get to the individual song level. However, I assumed this was some abberation since the icon did not  appear with my prior sd card installed.  Since you have the same icon displaying, it now seems my prior installation was the one that had the glitch. 

I really kind of preferred it when the icon did not show up, but at least I have the comfort of knowing that the present situation is normal in a Guru’s experience.