SD Card 128gb full but data is not available

I hope I can receive some good tip because I am in deep s**t!
I am a videomaker using a 128Gb sandisk class 10 card. The data (video files) on the SD card is now not showing up at all.
Quick description of the issue: I went to back up the files and the copy was extremely slow. I let it copy anyway. When I came back one hour after nothing has been copied, the copy operation had stopped and since then, THE FILES ARE NOT SHOWING UP ANYMORE. The computer reads as if the card is empty.
I tried to use data recovery softwares such as Disk Drill, and Ease US but they can’t find nothing, not even the old files.
The card was working without any issue. Any clue on what to do?

Many thanks

Have you tried Stellar Photo Recovery software? if not, I would suggest you can try at once the free version and see the preview of recovered files. Thanks!