SD and CF card with Auto-Backup feature

As a professional photographer using the smaller form factor cameras I envy the double card slots on the big top-end cameras (Nikon D3 - Canon 1D). The second slot is used to create an instant backup, which is a safeguard to counter possible card corruption during photo sessions that can not be repeated, like weddings.

It occured to me that it’s basically very easy to supply this functionality to any camera by creating a specialized adapter. Imagine a CF-II to SD adapter that contains 8GB of memory itself, plus two separate controllers that get the data directly from the CF pins. One controller copies the data to the memory in the CF-II adapter and the other copies it to the 8GB SD card that is stuck inside.

Me and a lot of collegues would be very happy if SanDisk would manufature both A CF-II to SD and a SD to micro-SD apapter as described above. From a financial point of view: Following this idea SanDisk has the opportunity to sell us photographers twice the amount of memory we actually need while we’re willing to pay a fat premium to boot for the increased security.