SCZ stops playing after few secs (music KO, Podcast OK), sync is slow, browsing filesystem is slow

Dear Sansa support,

I observed the following issue(s) lately:

Symptom 1: The player stops playing after a few seconds. A reboot is required to continue the playing, but also only for a few seconds. It happens with flac and mp3, but not with Podcasts and not with Audiobooks. So, it may be connected with high data rate.

Symptom 2: My music was synced regularly using MediaMonkey (MM). I write “was”, because it used to be quick (<5-10mins), when a few podcasts had to be synced (up to 2hr, when the Sansa 8GB had to be newly filled up). I do not sync it anymore: the last time I tried to sync it, the whole night (8hrs+) was not enough time to finish the sync.

Symptom 3: Now, I do not think this issue is related to sync or to MM, because there are also other actions that take “forever” or at least unexpectedly long: e.g. Browsing the Sansa filesystem under Windows Explorer (also Total Commander). I can easily enter the Sansa > Internal Memory > Music, but then any further level gets way slow, and sometimes an empty directory is shown. The fact is, that I synced Podcast mostly (low bitrate), but some songs on my Sansa are there from the time I bought it. The new Podcasts plays (they were copied manually, see Symptom 2), but the some of old songs gets played only to their half or third, then Sansa stops playing (see Symptom 1). So, the issue is not connected to some new songs or new file format.

The update to firmware ver1.01.20 did not fix the issue. Resetting and formatting the disc did not fix the issue either. I was not able to sync my full library (see Symptom 2), but a few songs were enough to see the Sansa getting stuck. I am out of ideas, what to do, to get my Sansa into shape.

Do you have any suggestion, what shall I try, please?

Cheers, M

As I mentioned separately, you might find it best to talk to SanDisk telephone Customer Service, and walk through the issues that way. Customer Service is not generally trolling the board, here, looking for issues to solve.