Scrolling speed (list) of non-latin titles/albums etc.

Why is it, that my list of titles/albums scrolls down fine until I reach the cyrillic characters and then it scrolls slower (half speed maybe), after i pass the cyrillic titles, it continues to scroll fast. That is kind of annoying if you have mainly russian music or to scroll down in over 100 lessons (tagged utf-8/16 cyrillic) of your russian learning sessions (i use a book from Assimil that comes with an audio CD which i converted).

See for a video of the behaviour.


i’m also seeing this problem, even when the files are tagged in win-1251 (not utf, shouldn’t slow down).

Also, russian text comes out as funny characters unless the language of the unit is switched to Russian. I should be able to use the English interface and still be see cyrillic. These options need to be separate, like “localization” and “interface language” like it is on some iRiver players.