Scrolling from A to Z

While scrolling from A to Z on my first sansa fuze it would a llow me to scroll no further after Z. That one broke and i had to exchange it and the while scrolling from A to Z on the new one instead of stopping at Z it would go right back to A.

Is there any way i can change it so that it stops at Z instead of going back to A. Its just a preference thing.


That was added in a firmware update to aid in navigating looonnnggg lists. It’s called wrap-around scrolling. It was standard equiptment on the Fuze’s ancestor, the e200 series. I would hate being without it.

Say you’ve got like 300 artists on your player. You’re in the mood for some ZZ Top. Next you have a hankerin’ for some ABBA or BB King. It’s long way back up the list. With the wrap-around scrolling feature, you’re only 1 (or a few) stops away.

Of course, if you really don’t like it, you can always revert back to the firmware version before that was added, but then you’ll also miss out on whatever bugs were fixed and other added features that come with the latest updates. :wink:

haha ya its really just a preference of mine.

Is there any way i can figure out how to convert back to the old firmware

Actually ive figured that part out but can you tell me the firmware that doesnt have wraparound scrolling?

This was added in the 01.01.15 release back in October of last year (2008), so you would need to go clear back to the 01.01.11 firmware version which was the 1st update from what came on the player originally.

That is of course, assuming you have a Rev. 1 Fuze. :wink: