script to submit tracks from Sansa Clip to

Since the sansa clip does not have a counting system, this script uses the rating system to determine which track to submit. If the user rating is larger than 0, the track will be submitted. If rating is 5, the track is marked as love. This means one has to rate the tracks if they want to submit, which requires some changing in the listening habit.

The script works in MSC mode only. It reads the MTABLE.SYS file under the root folder of the player. This file contains the information of the tracks when the player is mounted. So, DO NOT TOUCH ANY FILES ON THE PLAYER BEFORE YOU RUN THIS!

One has to change the global variables in the script.

to use:
python [path_to_MTABLE.SYS]

Each time the script will reset all the ratings on the player.

depends on :

to download the script 

Message Edited by hanselda on 11-25-2009 09:42 AM

This script is tested on Linux system. Have not tried on windows but I think it should work.

The other file is borrowed from someone else. You can either put this file in the same folder as the script, or install the script by yourself
The script is provided as it is.