Screen rendering error?

Just installed this on my Windows 8.1 x64 machine (latest updates and all) and it looks like this:

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, rebooting.  I have the latest IE if that’s what it’s using (11.something)

Any ideas?


maybe its related to a firewall you are using? can you see if the same happens if you disable it? also try to have it on full screen and see what happens.

No firewall.  Can’t change to full screen (how?)

Looked at the log file and it says:

“Property ‘VSDNETMSG’  retrieved with value ‘This setup requires the .NET Framework version [1].  Please install the .NET Framework and run this setup again.’.”

Checked windows components and it has .net 4.5 and .net 3.5/3.0/2.0.

No 4.0

Google says:

“NET Framework 4.0 is not supported on Windows 8.1 and there is no official way to install it.”



Please try this version 1.4.1 that I compiled for .Net 4.5.1

Before you install, please uninstall version 1.4.0 from your computer.

Let me know if this worked.



I forgot to mension that this version is not signed, so while downloading and launching the file, you may get some notices from Microsoft Windows.



my recomendation would be to contact sandisk direct to report them the issue with windows 8 and have them release an official update for the software. so others that may have the same issue can download the new version.

Installed that and I’m getting the same thing.

Tried to paste the log file here but it says message can not have more than 20,000 characters.


I was expecting that.

I think it’s some incompatibily issue with your desktop settings.

I have seen this issue on another user’s system and the problem was a special character within his username.

I would really like to see the log file, maybe you can use the private messages to attach the file.


PM’d log file.

It’s a pretty straight forward install.  No strange names in anything.

I did not get any PM from you. Please try again.

“message must be shorter than 60,000 characters in length” :frowning:

Can I email you maybe?

I sent you my email address via PM. Did you get it?

Replied.  Thanks.

Is there a solution to this? I get a screen that looks like html with a link to device manager and disk management, but nothing other than that when I run dashboard. Its like the program just stop.  I have IE11 and am in Win7.

I found the issue was a web developer app I was using actually changed the mime type in the registry for css to text/plain instead of the standard text/css.  In the past, I’ve read Dreamweaver caused the same problem.

This obviously broke any renderer that called css type files.

To fix either uninstall the app or see if the registry fix would do it:

  1. Open Regedit

  2. Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ .css

  3. “Content Type” should be “text/css” (I had “text/plain”)

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Boofster, Thank you so much for your post. It’s very helpfull.