screen protector

Can anyone reconmend anything? Even if I have to cut it to size I’ll be fine, I had one but it’s ■■■■ and is starting to bubble up.

I am currently running with a hand-trimmed strip of 3M plastic tape, and it’s wonderful.  The best protective film out there is the Invisible Shield material, definitely worth the price.  i haven’t checked if they offer a custom-trimmed one for the Fuze+ as yet, but single sheets are available that you can trim to fit.

The slight layer atop the touchpad is great as well, making the pad much nicer to work with.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

will the 3M tape leave residue on the Screen?

@alienkid10 wrote:

will the 3M tape leave residue on the Screen?

Only if you pull it off.


I’m thinking because if it get’s scratched itself somehow I want to replace it. Wonder how easy it is to clean up when taken off?

Get some

A few drops on a soft cotton ball or microfiber cloth will clean it right up.

Cool. How much does it impact clarity? (the tape)